Grandparents are supposed to be sweet and innocent, doting on their grandkids and enjoying early bird specials. But sometimes grandma and grandpa can also be some tough SOBs, using their fists, words or guilt to manipulate and dominate. Here are 40 of my favorite bad-ass grandparents from TV.

Which Shameless Character Are You?

Which Shameless Character Are You?

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-Madeleine Stowe for Revenge, a wonderfully soapy performance that I predicted as one of my wild cards (though I thought she was a supporting actress).

-All three Homeland nominations, because it’s a gripping show that was snubbed at the SAG Awards, so hopefully nominations for Drama Series and stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis makes up for it.

-New Girl, because while I knew Zooey Deschanel would get in, I’m equally excited that the show was also nominated.

-Idris Elba vs. Dominic West in the Lead Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries category, because it’s insanely cool to see two stars from The Wire going head-to-head.

-Jim Rash for the screen play of The Descendants, because a writing nomination for the man who plays Dean Pelton might be the closest Community will ever come to an actual nomination.


-No Sons of Anarchy?

-No Community?

-No Justified?

-No Breaking Bad for Drama Series?

-No Parks and Recreation for Comedy Series or nomination for Nick Offerman?

-With all the love for new shows and Showtime, nothing for Shameless?

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