Grandparents are supposed to be sweet and innocent, doting on their grandkids and enjoying early bird specials. But sometimes grandma and grandpa can also be some tough SOBs, using their fists, words or guilt to manipulate and dominate. Here are 40 of my favorite bad-ass grandparents from TV.

FOX 2012 Mid-Season Schedule: ’ Idol,’ ‘The Finder’ and More Premiere Dates


8pm: House

9pm: Alcatraz/Touch


8pm: Glee/New Girl and Breaking In

9pm: New Girl

9:30pm: Raising Hope


8pm: American Idol

9pm: Mobbed


8pm: American Idol

9pm: The Finder


8pm: Kitchen Nightmares

9pm: Fringe


7:30pm: The Cleveland Show

8pm: The Simpsons

8:30pm: Napoleon Dynamite/Bob’s Burgers

9pm: Family Guy

9:30pm: American Dad

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